Program Structure
Gain the specialist knowledge & skills that will prepare you for a career in the world of professional accounting. You will develop a strong foundation in conceptual knowledge of accounting procedures and practices. This foundation is complemented by current skills development, focusing on critical thinking, problem solving & creativity.

Year 1:
Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
11113     Microsoft Office
11123     Business Writing
11133     Business Communication
11143     Mathematics & Statistics

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
11153     Economics
11213     Accounting
11313     Principles of Management
11413     Salesmanship

Year 2:
Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
12213     Financial Accounting 1
12333     Small Business Management
12223     Auditing
12233     Taxation

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
12313     Business Ethics
12323     Business Law
12243     Cost Accounting
12253     Computerized Accounting