Program Structure
This program is designed for students who wish to acquire knowledge and skills to commence and progress through a management career in business. The program focuses on skills needed by managers and provide students with the ability to understand their organization’s business needs and develop strategies and action plans to meet those needs. The program prepares students to further studies in the area of business management or for direct entry into the workplace.

Year 1:
Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
11113     Microsoft Office
11123     Business Writing
11133     Business Communication
11143     Mathematics & Statistics

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
11153     Economics
11213     Accounting
11313     Principles of Management
11413     Salesmanship

Year 2:
Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
12213     Financial Accounting 1
12333     Small Business Management
12413     Marketing Management
12513     Human Resource Management

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
12313     Business Ethics
12323     Business Law
12343     Strategic Management
12113     Advanced Economics