Program Structure
With this programme you will be equipped to conduct research, evaluate product demand, establish pricing strategies, identify a target audience and determine the best way to reach that audience. You will also be geared to participate in package design, brand building, develop advertising campaigns and choose the correct advertising mediums to promote a company’s products. This versatile qualification is the ideal a tool to help diversify your competencies and career opportunities in the corporate area.

Year 1:

Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
11113     Microsoft Office
11123     Business Writing
11133     Business Communication
11143     Mathematics & Statistics

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
11153     Economics
11213     Accounting
11313     Principles of Management
11413     Salesmanship

Year 2:
Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
12213     Financial Accounting 1
12333     Small Business Management
12413     Marketing Management
12423     Retail Marketing

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
12313     Business Ethics
12323     Business Law
12433     Market Research
12443     Consumer Behavior