Program Structure
The Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programme deals with designing innovative methodologies and sophisticated tools for developing software systems. Students are exposed to various techniques of analyzing user requirements and specifications, as well as the design and implementation of software systems. Some of the core courses include object-oriented programming, database systems, software engineering, and introduction to multimedia.

Year 1:

Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
21113     Foundation of ICT
21123     Practical ICT Skills
21133     ICT in Business
21143     Programming Fundamentals

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
21153     Modern Media and Professional Communication
21163     Principles of Information Management
21173     Introduction to Networking and Internet
21183     Ethics and Innovation in ICT

Year 2:
Semester One:
Code     Unit Name
22113     Modern Systems Architecture
22123     Database Design and Management
22133     Programming Language
22143     Web Development

Semester Two:
Code     Unit Name
22153     Network Technologies and Management
22163     Cyber Security
22173     Project Management
22183     ICT in Society